At SAFF, we work to bring the best of Persia to the world. It is a country with four seasons and eleven types of climate. Conditions such as the length of the day, the quality of sunlight, environmental and ecological features make the country ideal for producing high-quality products. Saffron is one of such products. Native to Persia  the country produces approximately 90% of saffron in the world.
SAFF puts customers at the center of the business. SAFF’s premium and sorted products create particular experience of life. SAFF is not only about products. It is a lifestyle choice in which you can run your dreams.
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Saffron is the world's most expensive spice. To ensure the high-quality the three stigmas from each of the saffron Crocus Sativus flower they must be harvested by hand before noon while threads are still "sleeping" or blooms are closed to avoid withering. 


After the harvest stigmas, or threads, are carefully removed from the blossoms in the "stripping" area. Saffron is only the red part of each stigma. Then comes the drying, also known as toasting, when stigmas undergo dehydration at temperatures no higher than 60 degrees Celsius. After the toasting, the threads reduce their size and weight. 
Roughly 150 flowers yield one gram of dry saffron threads. One kilogram requires approximately 150,000 blossoms. This meticulous process is long and labor-intensive. That is why saffron came to known as the red gold.